Norman Clark Stewart Jr.

Displaying my rewrites for several current projects.  The Autobiographical Semi-fictionalized Trilogy of Novels "A Right of Passage" is being rewritten here.  "Leftovers" is the first novel and is largely complete.  The Barefoot Butler  is the second novel, which covers the life and times of an author trying to finish a novel.  King Chaos is the novel that the author of the trilogy, me, keeps trying to get right and is the final novel in the trilogy. Freak King is my online video site about making movies.  Improv is a volume of the book "Toward a Mastery" and is an explanation of the expectations of  and definitions for the yearly improv festival, Die Jammin'.

Thanks for looking.  I love and  welcome contact and comments. Please click here to email me. norman@normanclarkstewartjr.com

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